Monday, August 23, 2010

Sometimes I even surprise myself.

I did say that it was too time consuming, making each. individual. little. pillow. thingy. But I did realize today with the kneading, the rolling and is so relaxing.

I tried my hand at making pasta again. This time I did things a little different.

I decided to mix the dough in a bowl (my newest Pyrex, aged like many of my others...there is not another one exactly like it). IF I make pasta again, I will not mix in a bowl (it's just one more thing to have to clean).

Recipe: about a cup of flour, 1 egg, a little water, salt and a little olive oil.
Mix, knead and let rest (I let it rest for a couple hours this time, but learning from my last experience, I put a wet towel over the top - to keep a crust from forming).

This go around, I went with round rather than squares...I think the rounds were a little easier to do. I do not own any cookie cutters (I. Just. Don't. Bake.) so I used a whiskey glass.

Stacking them all nice and pretty like.

The filling: Ricotta cheese (about 1/2 a container, frozen spinach thawed, baby port mushrooms - diced and cooked in olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder). Mix together (after the mushrooms cool) adding a little more salt, pepper & garlic powder to taste.

I took each round and rolled them out again making an oval. With my finger I put a little water on half and then with a little spoon put a dollop of the mix in the center. Fold in half and pinch the two sides together.

With a fork I pressed down again, to make sure there was a tight seal.

They aren't perfect.

Again with the store bought sauce...tisk tisk.

Topped with a little fresh cracked pepper...Mmm.

Do you like my turquoise Pyrex cereal bowl? I bought that at a church rummage sale for a quarter.

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