Sunday, August 29, 2010


For some of you buying art is a see something you like and you buy it, no second thought. For me, however, it is very H-A-R-D. Why, you may ask? Because I am one that sees something I like and I say 'I can do that'.

Friday evening I was at an estate sale and saw this lovely blue hued portrait...I liked it right then and there. Then I saw a landscape...just took my breath away....beautiful Fall colors. I asked about the paintings, but did not buy them. Hubs went to the same estate sale after I got home (he is into tools and car I let him look at that....alone....with out me), I told hubs about the paintings....when he came back he said 'I didn't see any paintings'.

I went back today (everything was half off) and went looking, but not expecting to find them there. Guess what??? They were still there *yay*.

I got the portrait, the landscape, extra art papers (got for Hoss and Sprout) and a Pyrex casserole dish that I can't believe I missed on Friday all for $3.