Monday, August 16, 2010

House Updates...

Hubs and I have been talking a lot lately on how much we have changed the house/yard.
Last night I went on a picture hunt to see if I could find earlier pics of the house when we first moved in (or rather the first year+)... Here is what I found.

This D.E.A.D. tree was in the center of a power line triangle (scared me to death anytime we had a nasty wind storm come threw).
$100 and it came down one Spring morning. Opened the backyard up.

The chain link fence (I just recently pulled that down) and that too opened the back up so much! Before that the back lot was nothing but weeds...then it was weeds and a large pile of dirt.
The red fence there to the right....Ugh, that was so hideous; it was leaning a good 3 feet into our yard, the 3 feet is was hovering over was nothing but weeds. A couple Mother's Day ago, I was out there pulling and ripping that fence down. We put up a nice chain link.

My garden....was a 'patio' of sorts (note 2 pics down w/ muddy child).

We put in a 8'x8' sandbox.

(these are out of order...Hmph). We painted over the bruise color on the lower part of the house (note next pic)...we painted over with an Blue Spruce Green color.

I hated the honey color to the kitchen cabinets (top and bottom) so I ...

painted the lower an olive green and the upper...

an antique/off white. I still have to finish...needs another coat.

Other updated pictures to follow.

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PennilessCaucasianRubbish said...

Sweet! I love before/after pics of home improvements! :o)