Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cute finds...

I was eager to get out today and junk...went to my usual 'hot spots' and came out with these:

Pyrex Creamer.

I don't think it's very old (1980's maybe?) - most of the vintage have the design up on top, but this here is centered. I have looked and haven't found what pattern this is...Ribbon Bouquet.

Fire King Sugar/Creamer - Primrose.

I was ready to walk out of one of the stores, when I looked down an my eye caught on the creamer - the colors (red/pink) spoke to me...they are just dainty and girlie (I am none of the above), but I really like them.
Then walking back down an isle (to make sure I didn't miss anything) I caught sight of the sugar...SCORE!

Pretty huh.

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Gallery32 said...

I love all things Pyrex. Alas I have been banned from buying anymore as I am out of cabinet space :( These are lovely!