Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I feel as though I have been neglecting this blog (and all of you), but to be fair, there hasn't been anything blog worthy going on in my life.

The castle is still yet to be finished (was suppose to work on it this past weekend, but something came up, their end) - cross fingers for this weekend.

Nothing new or interesting in the food department - wait...I started making loaded potato skins, but I left them in the oven at 420 for nearly 3 hours. Plan B, they would make nice, thick chips...yeah, good there either.

The other night via FreeCycle I got a nice sisal rug (few stains). Thinking what I could paint over it to make it look unique/interesting. But WHAT would be interesting and unique???


How about BIRDS.

Today, I spent a couple hours making bird stencils. Sketch image onto paper (you could also print it out at the size you want), lay clear packing tape on the front and back (to cover the entire image) and using an exacto knife (CAREFULLY) cut it out.

*you could do freezer paper stencils, but once you iron it onto your 'canvas', I do not think you could use it again. It would be a one time deal.

These here, I can use over and over (attaching to said 'canvas' with painters tape).


Quality Cords said...

This is a cool idea. I can see lots of ways this can be used. Thanks for sharing.

Northernlodge said...

great could create something very MC Escher-ish with these..lovely..thanks for sharing