Friday, January 14, 2011

CARS Mural

4 years ago.

When Hoss was just 3 and Sprout was on his way - I painted this in their room.

My boys (all 3, including Hubs) are All. About. Cars.

I am thinking I am ready to re-do the room, but this would be a major project. You see, the previous owners textured over the wallpaper and then painted (Yes, I put the mural right up over that). I have taken down all the wallpaper in all the other rooms and have re-plastered/painted. This Summer, I might finally tackle their room.

After the paper is down, after I re-plaster and prime. I 'think' I want to paint 3 solid walls and then 1 wall, paint street signs (I could just find and buy signs, but I would have much more fun actually painting them).

Matters picture is off, but that's just because of where I was standing when I took it.

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