Friday, January 21, 2011

Figured I Would Try Something 'New'

*back story*

Back when my older brother and I were in elementary school; the school would hold contests to raise money. Mom would always sign us (me and brother) up for the cake decorating. Mom would make a cake for each of us and also one for herself. She would decorate her cake (making icing from scratch, I use the same recipe today), and my brother and I would have to copy her design onto our cake ourselves (draw what you see, only with icing). Wanna know what, we (brother and I) always won the contest.

***WARNING, picture heavy*** (sorry for the quality of the pictures, I took with my phone).

After 12 years, I have a girlfriend graduate college. Another girlfriend of mine asked if I would make a cake for her party.

Now, I could do the same ol' same ol' with the super sweet sugar icing, but I wanted to try something different. FONDANT (wipe that look off your face). I, too, hate fondant (and I can't for the life of me figure out why people would spend $$$-$$$$ for a cake that they will just pull off all the fondant/decoration).

I have a friend that told me about homemade marshmallow fondant, she said it is really easy to make and a lot cheaper than buying the fondant at the store.

What you need is: bag of mini marshmallows, a microwave safe bowl, powdered sugar and a few drops water.

Nuke marshmallows til melted (stir with plastic spatula. If there are still a few 'solid' marshmallows - nuke for another 40 sec).

Mix in 4 cups powdered sugar.

Stir. When it is somewhat 'together', pour out onto a powdered sugar covered cutting board. Knead and then knead some more.

When it no longer sticks, wrap in plastic wrap (I cut off a small portion 'cause I wanted to make decorations).

Roll it out nice and thin. If you think it is thin enough...roll it out even more.

Using a tip (I don't know what size) and started cutting lots of little circles.

This is a really blurry, up close shot of my 'flower', using 5 circles (using my index finger - I flattened out half the circle). Using a drop of water 'glue' I combined 5 and with a toothpick with a lil drop of fondant to the tip, I stuck it threw the 'flower'.

These last 2 pictures are the finished product for today (I still have to add color to the flowers and ribbon (around the diploma). I plan to leave it all out so it will have plenty of time to dry (before I color and then eventually add to the cake).

My girlfriend is from Southern California, so the flower I chose to imitate is a tropical flower (has 5 petals and is white with a yellow center - I don't know the name).

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