Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm in Love with these Birds

A couple years ago I painted the living room. 3 walls are this beautiful, peaceful, refreshing, cucumber green (the light green after you slice it open) and the accent wall is a pretty, poppy red/pink (I have a girlfriend that calls it the watermelon room).

I made a bamboo stencil and put that on the red wall (the plan was to lighten the red just a smidge to stand out from the wall color - do you know what happens when you add too much white to red?)That's right, the bamboo is a pale pink. But I like it and surprisingly, hubs likes it too.

After 2 years, I figure I wanted to add some life to the bamboo. Might as well put those bird stencils to good use (I also made 3 smaller ones). All in all this was about a 30 min job (making new stencils, taping to wall, mixing paint color, painting over stencils).

*I taped a few pictures to our bedroom door (frames just collect dust)

I know I said that I would only add 3 birds to the wall...well, 3 turned into 5.

What do you think?

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