Friday, January 28, 2011

*Sexy Pink Passion* GIVEAWAY!

This is my 1st giveaway. I'm a little nervous. So, be gentle ;)

This is a 3D, mixed media art piece, I did back in 2008.

It started out as a sketch of a rose and morphed into this. It is 10"x 10" canvas, polymer clay, tissue paper and red eyelash yarn.
*colors: orange, pink, magenta, and red*
There is a small, black border on it - it measures 10 1/2" x 10 1/2".

I love this piece - sadly, it has been tucked away in the closet. *tisk, tisk*

Here is how you enter:

1) Become a follower of my blog.
2) Follow me on Facebook 'StarvnRtist' (you can find the badge at the bottom of my blog).
3) Tweet or blog about my giveaway.
4) Leave a comment below on why you would like this piece.

The winner will be announced in 1 week (February 4, 2011)

Whomever wins this, I hope that you truly enjoy it. :)

***Lower 48 Only***

Now, Let's Do This! *grunts*


Suki said...

You know I love your unique artwork and I wouldn't mind having another beautiful piece. I think it would look really cool in my new office. ~Emily Anne

courtney said...

I've been working on the chickies room and it would be perfect in there! Plus they would all think it was so cool to have more of your stuff at our house. (The rooster still makes me smile DAILY my friend!) Even my older boy would think it's cool....he wants to be "as good a painter as "A" is!" :)

jena said...

How did I not see this before? :)

jena said...

I think I just tried to post, and now I'm trying again. How did I not see this before??? hmmm...