Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today was Bittersweet

I put a little heart in the tower for my clients daughter to didn't take her long.

A couple of up close shots. I added pearl to the boarder, it stands out so much more and when the sun hits it...

I toned down the yellow, by adding a few white flowers and a few blue. The horses have more detail. Added a few cobblestones too.

It only took me 3 hours to finish. To. Finish! I'm DONE! What will I do now?

Just as I was 'wrapping it up' (packing everything away), I got a text message from my uncle David (ma's lil brother), passed away this morning. He has had health issues. We have lost several people on that side of the family in the past year and a half.

Like I said, Bittersweet.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the final product looks awesome. Great job!

AmyC ~ said...

Thank You. If I had the time I would probably still be there 'adding more detail'.