Sunday, January 9, 2011

Castle Mural (still)

Better pics my client took.

Mind you these pictures are taken with my cell (I keep forgetting to bring the camera - I will post a better picture when my client posts the pics she takes).

Worked another 3.5+ hrs on the castle.

It's getting there, it's getting there!

The grass is done with clusters of flowers here and there (need more), the handrails on the footbridge are purple. There are 9 horses. The border is up, but needs a couple more layers on it for it to stand out more (it's white, per my clients request...we are going girlie here).

The border also has clusters of flowers, those also need another coat or 2.

The horses need color.

It's getting there.


courtney said...

This is so great. I haven't even let the chicks see it for fear they'll want one in their room! Beautiful job my friend!

AmyC ~ said...

Ya' kno, I am pretty sure I could paint it. If they/you want. :)

AmyC ~ said...

and Thank You.