Friday, January 28, 2011

More Stencils

Here are a few more of my stencils that I have made.

Bamboo - I did an art piece for hubs with this, also our living room wall and my armoire (I got that for free from our neighbor. Had to sturdy it up and then painted. It looks nothin' like it did when we first got it).

Also, the furniture piece that these are taped to is a hoosier cabinet. We bought that for $50, 10 yrs ago - moved it with us from here to there and finally brought it up from Alabama, it is now my art station.

The boot, I made this past July for Relay for Life. Our team stenciled it onto all of our shirts - the theme was Give Cancer the Boot.

Yes, I even made Twilight stencils (I wanted something of my own - not something that 1000s of other girls/women have), I even have the Pack tat. I can add the stencils to whatever and then write what I want (I have my luggage that has these on it - nobody can confuse my luggage for theirs).

And - my 70's disco dancers. I love these.

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Anonymous said...

I love stencils and the graffiti look they give. I want to give it a shot one day and make one to do a wall.